Applications are Open for a Doctoral Program in International Business Taxation

The program, hosted by the Vienna University of Economics and Business, provides high-quality interdisciplinary training for graduates in the field of international taxation, including and combining… Read More ›

The Australia Institute Team up with NATSEM to Examine the Primary Residence Exemption to the Capital Gains Tax

A summary, as well as a link to the report, can be found on the Australia Institute Website.

TTPI Research Fellow Awarded Endeavour Research Fellowship

PhD candidate and TTPI Research Fellow Peter Varela has been awarded an Endeavour research Fellowship to undertake research at the Office of Tax Policy Research… Read More ›

ATO Individual Sample File Available at

The file provides a 1 per cent sample of taxpayers from 2003/04 to 2010/11 and a 2 per cent sample from 2011/12 and 2012/13 and… Read More ›

PwC Call for a Reduction in the Corporate Tax Rate

PwC have released a report titled A Corporate Rate Reduction:the case for and against, in which they call for a decrease in the corporate tax rate… Read More ›

MYEFO Released: Deficit, Revenue and Growth Forecasts all Slightly Worse Than in the May Budget

Compared to this year’s budget, MYEFO (the Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook) is forecasting: A larger deficit in 2015-16: $37.4 billion compared to 35.1… Read More ›

CIS Releases Research Paper on the Impact of Bracket Creep

Robert Carling and Michael Potter at The Centre for Independent Studies have released a research paper looking at the effect of bracket creep on the… Read More ›

Grattan Institute Releases Report on a GST Reform Package

The report looks at two main changes to the GST. Expanding the base to include fresh food, education, health, childcare, water and sewerage, and increasing… Read More ›

TTPI hosts seminar on the impact of BEPS on Australia’s tax treaty policy

On Thursday 10 December 2015, the TTPI hosted a seminar by Lyn Redman and Greg Wood, who are Senior Advisers in Treasury’s Corporate and International Tax Division.… Read More ›

Professor Kathleen Lahey on Tax and Transfer Policies and Gender Equality

On 4 November 2015, Professor Lahey presented a public lecture on gender equality in the tax and transfer system, with a focus on Australia, the… Read More ›