NATSEM Report: The Impact of the 2016-17 Budget Superannuation Changes by Age Group and Gender

The report  can be found here.

CCPA Releases ‘Canadian Alternative Budget’

The Alternative Canadian Budget is a ‘what-if’ document that considers a Budget made under alternative assumptions of the economic, social and environmental agenda followed by… Read More ›

Treasury and Department of Finance Release Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Outlook

The PEFO available here.

Event 10 May: Company Tax Cut, Budget Modelling and Post-Budget Reflections

The details for the seminar by Chris Murphy are available here.

Budget 2016/17

All the budget documents here.

Event Tuesday May 3: Easing the traffic, the road-use effects of Indonesia’s fuel subsidy reforms

Details can be found here.

Event Tuesday May 3: Evaluation of the fiscal effect on municipal mergers in Japan

Details can be found here.

Victorian State Budget Released

Victorian Treasury released the budget for the 2016-17 financial year, budget documents can be found here. The dates of other state budgets that have been… Read More ›

Universal Basic Income by Andrew Flowers

The article details the normative view on governments giving citizens an unconditional basic income as well as some of the details surrounding fiscal and political… Read More ›

Senate Inquiry into Corporate Tax Avoidance Releases Report

An inquiry into tax avoidance and aggressive minimisation by corporations registered in Australia and multinational corporations operating in Australia. The report in two parts can be… Read More ›