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Budget Forum 2020: COVID-19 Strengthens Australians’ Belief in the Fair Go, Government Should Support the Vulnerable

Ahead of next week’s Federal Budget, the annual Per Capita Tax Survey provides important insights into the views held by Australians of all ages, from… Read More ›

Gender Budgeting in Multi-level Governance

Gender budgeting is an approach that uses fiscal policy to promote gender equality by trying to translate gender commitments into fiscal commitments through processes, resources… Read More ›

Unemployment Support Will Be Slashed by $300 This Week. This Won’t Help People Find Work

This week, support to unemployed Australians will be dramatically reduced. In April, the new Coronavirus Supplement roughly doubled the level of benefits for unemployed people… Read More ›

Reducing Gender Inequality and Boosting the Economy: Fiscal Policy After COVID-19

The economic impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis have increased gender inequalities in the Australian labour market. With women over-represented in lower-paid, insecure and casual… Read More ›

Tasmania’s State Taxation System: A Case for Reform

Wide-ranging reform of Australia’s federal tax system has proven to be a ‘bridge too far’ for the past two decades of federal politicians. But if… Read More ›