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Open Letter to the Prime Minister: Extend Coronavirus Support to Temporary Workers

Many temporary Australian residents will be excluded from the JobSeeker Payment and Coronavirus Supplement to be provided to permanent residents. In this open letter to… Read More ›

The Government’s Fiscal Tool Kit for COVID-19

The fundamental role of government is to secure the welfare and safety of its people. The COVID-19 crisis coming so soon after the summer’s extraordinary… Read More ›

The Australian Government Opens a Coronavirus Super Loophole: It’s Legal to Put Your Money In, Take It Out, and Save on Tax

How would you feel if you were having a Zoom meeting with your accountant and they asked “how would you like to save more than… Read More ›

Retirement Income Review: Focus More on Secure Retirement Income Streams, and Settle the Adequacy Debate

The key challenge for the Australian retirement income system is how to take full advantage of its Defined Contribution basis (including inter-generational equity and financial… Read More ›

Coronavirus Supplement: Your Guide to the Australian Payments That Will Go to the Extra Million on Welfare

On 22 March (Sunday), the government announced a second coronavirus economic package. In addition to further one-off payments, the package includes some of the most… Read More ›