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Should We Tax Sugar — and If So, How?

The consumption of sugar and its adverse health outcomes are seldom out of the news. It is known that over-consumption of sugar is associated with… Read More ›

Expecting the Unexpected

Jeremy Moore repairs long-haul trucks at a service centre on the interstate highway north of the Ohio town where he lives. Rather than being paid… Read More ›

Petroleum Industry Tax Incentives and Energy Policy Implications

Tax incentives, also known as tax breaks, tax exemptions, tax holidays and tax concessions, are preferential tax treatments provided to selected groups of taxpayers. This… Read More ›

The Income Tax Treatment of Housing Assets – Assessing Proposed Reform Arrangements

In addition to the preference available to owner-occupiers in the form of the main residence exemption, the Australian tax system offers preferential income tax treatment… Read More ›

Area-Specific Subsidies and Population Dynamics: Evidence from the Australian Zone Tax Offset

Concessions for people living in rural and remote areas have been a key feature of the Australian tax system since 1945. The Zone Tax Offset… Read More ›