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The $50 Boost to JobSeeker Will Take Australia’s Payment From the Lowest in the OECD to the Second-Lowest After Greece

Fifty dollars sounds like a lot. But the increase in the JobSeeker unemployment benefit announced by Prime Minister Morrison on Tuesday is $50 per fortnight,… Read More ›

Has COVID-19 Opened the Door to an Australian Basic Income?

For a brief period when the JobSeeker unemployment benefit was increased to $550 per week and conditionality was relaxed, Australians had access to a type… Read More ›

GST: Where to Next?

Historically, household consumption has been relatively stable as a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP). For over 50 years, tax reform reviews in Australia have… Read More ›

The Taxation of Capital Gains in Trusts after Bamford: A Critical Evaluation of Subdivision 115-C ITAA97

In Australia, trusts (particularly discretionary trusts) are often used to achieve tax optimal outcomes for beneficiaries. Attempts to engage in ‘income splitting’ within families are… Read More ›

Overturning an Assessment Where the ATO Merely Suspects Fraud or Evasion

Every person must, if required by the Commissioner of Taxation, lodge an annual return for income tax purposes. Once lodged, the Commissioner must make an… Read More ›