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Winners of the UK Tax-Benefit Reforms over Five Decades

Income inequality in most high-income countries has increased considerably since the 1970s, creating interest in the drivers of this trend. One factor that has attracted… Read More ›

That Moving Graph of US Tax Rates That Went Viral, It’s Probably Wrong. Here’s Why

Over the past month a huge political dispute has sprung up in the US about the fairness of its tax system. It is fuelling debates… Read More ›

Income Contingent Loans Can Provide Equal Access to Higher Education in Indonesia

A 2013 study by Hill and Thee shows that only 25 per cent of Indonesians aged 19-24 years are enrolled in higher education. Of those,… Read More ›

Good Policy Needs Good Data. So Why Is It Locked Up?

As the engines of economic growth slow in Australia, there is a need for innovative policy changes to both raise economic growth but also to… Read More ›

Means-Testing and Temptation: How Self-Control Affects the Welfare Effects of Various Social Security Arrangements

Many social security systems across the world link pension benefits to earnings. The rules vary significantly across countries and pension schemes, ranging from purely unfunded… Read More ›