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Failing to See the Wood for the Trees? A Critical Analysis of Australia’s Tax Provisions for Land and Forest Conservation

Australia’s forests and woodlands provide us with clean air and water; they are home to more than half of our terrestrial biodiversity and they are… Read More ›

US Tax Law Contributes to #MeToo

The use of the #MeToo hashtag recently hit the 19 million mark on Twitter. The movement underlying the hashtag has swept through many workplaces all… Read More ›

Tax and Human Rights: Much Ado About Nothing

In my recent article in the eJournal of Tax Research I examine, from a black letter law viewpoint, the link drawn by human rights advocates… Read More ›

Mind the (Tax) Gap—It’s Bigger Than You Probably Think!

Ever wondered how much of the Federal Government’s taxes never gets collected? This is obviously an important and challenging question for government, policy makers and… Read More ›

Increase in Newstart Allowance Long Overdue

Just as starfish are not fish, strawberries are not berries, and Chinese Checkers are neither Chinese nor checkers, the Newstart Allowance does not really offer… Read More ›