Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre Research Brief: JobKeeper Scheme

Job Keepers and Job Seekers: How many workers will lose and how many will gain? Authors: Rebecca Cassells and Alan Duncan (Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre)… Read More ›

Australian Childcare Made Free During the COVID-19 Crisis

Australian childcare services have been made free during the COVID-19 crisis under a plan announced by the Australian Government last week. Around one million Australian… Read More ›

OECD Report on Tax Administration Responses to COVID-19

The OECD Forum on Tax Administration (FTA) published a global reference document setting out actions taken by tax administrations around the world to support taxpayers… Read More ›

OECD Second Peer Review Report on Treaty Shopping

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released the second peer review assessing countries’ efforts to implement the Action 6 minimum standard as… Read More ›

International Fiscal Association Competitions Submission Date and Regional Conferences Postponed

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, the International Fiscal Association (IFA) has decided to postpone the submission date for the IFA competitions to 31 May 2020,… Read More ›

OECD: Evaluating the Initial Impact of COVID Containment Measures on Activity

This note is produced by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Economics Department. It provides illustrative estimates of the initial direct impact on… Read More ›

Australia Announces Wage Subsidy Scheme

The Australian Government announced yesterday a $130 billion scheme, which would provide a $1,500 per fortnight wage subsidy to around 6 million workers through their… Read More ›

5th International Conference on Taxpayer Rights

The 5th International Conference on Taxpayer Rights will be held on 30 September and 01 October, 2020 at the University of Pretoria in Pretoria, South… Read More ›

Despite Recent Reforms, Seychelles Needs a Fairer and More Sustainable Tax System Says OECD

Despite significant tax reforms in recent years, Seychelles’ tax system needs to be fairer and more sustainable, in particular through a rebalancing of its business… Read More ›

Parliamentary Budget Office Report: Alternative Financing of Government Policies

Alternative financing of government policies – Understanding the fiscal costs and risks of loans, equity injections and guarantees Parliamentary Budget Office Report no. 01/2020 This… Read More ›