ATO Individual Sample File Available at

The file provides a 1 per cent sample of taxpayers from 2003/04 to 2010/11 and a 2 per cent sample from 2011/12 and 2012/13 and… Read More ›

PwC Call for a Reduction in the Corporate Tax Rate

PwC have released a report titled A Corporate Rate Reduction:the case for and against, in which they call for a decrease in the corporate tax rate… Read More ›

MYEFO Released: Deficit, Revenue and Growth Forecasts all Slightly Worse Than in the May Budget

Compared to this year’s budget, MYEFO (the Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook) is forecasting: A larger deficit in 2015-16: $37.4 billion compared to 35.1… Read More ›

CIS Releases Research Paper on the Impact of Bracket Creep

Robert Carling and Michael Potter at The Centre for Independent Studies have released a research paper looking at the effect of bracket creep on the… Read More ›

Grattan Institute Releases Report on a GST Reform Package

The report looks at two main changes to the GST. Expanding the base to include fresh food, education, health, childcare, water and sewerage, and increasing… Read More ›

TTPI hosts seminar on the impact of BEPS on Australia’s tax treaty policy

On Thursday 10 December 2015, the TTPI hosted a seminar by Lyn Redman and Greg Wood, who are Senior Advisers in Treasury’s Corporate and International Tax Division.… Read More ›

Professor Kathleen Lahey on Tax and Transfer Policies and Gender Equality

On 4 November 2015, Professor Lahey presented a public lecture on gender equality in the tax and transfer system, with a focus on Australia, the… Read More ›