The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law (Arizona Law) invites you to submit abstracts for the 18th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation (GCET18), to be held in Tucson, Arizona, U.S., September 27-29, 2017.

This year the conference’s focus is on:

Innovation Addressing Climate Change Challenges: Local and Global Perspectives

We are in a pivotal and defining time for global discourse on public/private sector response at all levels of government (national, state, indigenous, provincial, municipal, city, and local), to the impacts of climate change. And, GCET18 is well-positioned in its role as the leading global forum for innovative exchanges on principles, practices, and policies with respect to environmental taxation and market-based instruments. (Learn more about GCET.)

With the United States’ position on climate change currently subject to significant transformation, GCET18 provides a unique opportunity for the international community to discuss U.S. and global challenges with U.S. policy makers, economists and academics. The GCET18 conference will feature a distinguished group of keynote speakers and a series of parallel sessions exploring a wide range of instrument mixes from an economic, legal and policy perspective.

We invite you to join the conversation and be part of the GCET18 sessions by submitting your abstract on the various topics of interest to this conference and the GCET18 community at large.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Climate change policy, biodiversity protection, environmental stewardship, pollution control, water conservation, land degradation, renewable energy, mining and rehabilitation
  • Market instruments such as carbon pricing, emissions trading schemes, other environmental taxes, subsidies, direct action or spending programs and tax concessions both positive and perverse.

For further information and abstract submission click here.

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