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2018 has been an exciting year of continued growth for Austaxpolicy. We published 96 articles and briefs by 117 experts across academia, government, and international organisations, and the blog now covers more than 60 topics on tax and transfers. We also shared over 250 news pieces on the latest policies, reports, opportunities and consultations.

In 2018, the number of blog visitors increased by about 80 per cent to more than 20,000 and pageviews are more than 46,000. International interest in the blog has been particularly large, with international visitors now making up 66 per cent of the readership.

A new editor has also come on board. We welcome Sonali Walpola, a lecturer at the ANU College of Business and Economics who researches tax law and policy, contract and commercial law and the High Court of Australia’s role in developing the common law. The editorial team of Mathias Sinning, Miranda Stewart and Sonali Walpola will make editorial decisions for the blog in 2019.

During the year, the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute published 17 working papers and two policy briefs, many of them summarised on our blog. Our Twitter account has been a place for lively debate on tax and transfer issues, and our new Facebook page brings our articles and events to your timeline. Follow both channels as we recap the year with #lookback2018.

We thank all of our authors and readers for your continued engagement with the blog, which has made this such an interesting and productive year. We will return with new posts in late January 2019.

Happy holidays from the Austaxpolicy team!

From Mathias Sinning, Miranda Stewart, Sonali Walpola and editorial assistants Teck Chi Wong and Maria Sandoval Guzman.


2018 Top 10 Austaxpolicy Posts

  1. The Impact of GST on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Owners in the Malaysian Retail Sector (13 March 2018), by Yong Mun Ching, Jeyapalan Kasipillai and Ashutosh Sarker.
  2. Social Security and Robo-Debt (5 June 2018), by Terry Carney.
  3. Are Financial Penalties an Effective Way to Penalise Deliberate Tax Evaders? (11 April 2018), by Chris Leech.
  4. Sharing the Burden: Taxation of the Peer-to-Peer Economy (8 February 2018), by Aqib Aslam and Alpa Shah.
  5. The Integrity of the Tax System after BEPS: A Shared Responsibility (26 February 2018), by Hans Gribnau,
  6. Is Australia’s Tax and Welfare System Too Progressive? (7 June 2018), by Peter Whiteford.
  7. Budget Forum 2018: Tax Caps and Tax Cuts: Good for Australia? (14 May 2018), by Miranda Stewart.
  8. Tax, Debt and Trouble Topples Najib in Malaysia: Why did GST Reform in Malaysia Fail? (1 June 2018), by Teck Chi Wong.
  9. Budget Forum 2018: This is not a Genuine or Equitable Way to Simplify the Personal Income Tax System (22 May 2018), by Andrew Podger.
  10. Dividend Imputation and Corporate Tax Avoidance: The Unintended Consequences and Policy Implications (23 August 2018), by Ross McClure, Roman Lanis, Peter Wells and Brett Govendir.

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