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Tax Revenue Trends in Asia and Latin America: A Comparative Analysis

Many developing countries face the twin challenges of lower revenues from traditional tax sources and growing fiscal demands. In response, they embarked on fiscal reforms,… Read More ›

Justice in the Collection of Fines

Prior to the election Labor announced that if elected the party would put in place a new and quite different set of arrangements for the collection… Read More ›

Is Paying Tax Part of the Social License to Operate?

Much of the debate about Base Erosion and Profit-Shifting (BEPS) and global tax minimisation focuses on the current legal requirements to pay tax and amendments… Read More ›

Tax Rate Biases in Tax Planning Decisions: Experimental Evidence

Much of the current debate in international tax policy focuses on multinational corporate groups who use “aggressive” tax planning to minimize the group tax burden.… Read More ›

Election 2016: Tax Policies of the Major Parties Part II

This Election Brief summarises the key tax policies, costings and revenue estimates of the incumbent Liberal-National Coalition (LNP) Government, the Australian Labor Party (ALP), and… Read More ›