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When the Rich Get Richer They Pay Little Tax on the Gains

Should we tax the capital income people receive from their investments or property? This may seem a strange question – don’t we already? But the… Read More ›

Income Tax at 100 years: The Income Tax Threshold and the Minimum Wage

I was recently asked by the media for my view on the proposal by the Federal Member for Wannon Dan Tehan to increase the income… Read More ›

Merry Christmas from Austaxpolicy

We hope that you all enjoy the festive season. We will return to the blog in the second week of January.

Australian Tax Reform: Do We Know What Needs to be Done?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the government is considering “all options” when it comes to tax reform. But shouldn’t we find out what works (and… Read More ›

What Public Administration Functions Can the ATO Fulfil?

Does this seem like a trick question? After all isn’t the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) supposed to collect and report on the revenue raised from… Read More ›