The project ‘Encouraging Formal Tax Registration of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia‘ has been granted a 2018 Asia Pacific Innovation Program-Research Development Grant by the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific. TTPI Deputy Director Mathias Sinning and Crawford School Fellow Sarah Xue Dong lead the project, in collaboration with the Institute for Economic and Social Research of the University of Indonesia.

The project aims to explore ways to improve tax compliance in the Indonesian tax system by applying and rigorously testing behavioural insights in the context of business tax registrations. The project tackles informality – a highly relevant aspect of tax enforcement in developing countries – in a collaborative way that applies new research to the real world of tax registrations.


From the blog:

Nudging Businesses to Pay Their Taxes: Does Timing Matter?, by Christian Gillitzer and Mathias Sinning

Nudging Businesses towards Tax Compliance, by Katja Fels and Mathias Sinning

Behavioural Insights on the Tax Compliance of Small and Medium Enterprises, by Nicholas Biddle and Lilia Arcos Holzinger

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