Cashless Debit Card for Welfare Payments Trial Begins in South Australia

The card aims to limit the purchase of alcohol, spending on gambling and use of illicit substances using welfare payments. The use of the card… Read More ›

ATO Releases Tax Transparency Report 2013-14

The Report aims to create tax transparency for large corporate entities. The Report will include total income, taxable income and income tax payable for these… Read More ›

Turnbull Announces Budget to be Handed Down Tuesday May 3

ADC Finds RoK, PRC and Taiwan Found to be Circumventing Australian Steel Tariffs

The Anti-Dumping Commission found that the Republic of Korea, Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China were circumventing tariffs by slightly modifying steel imports to… Read More ›

UK Budget 2016: Levy on Soft Drinks to Fund School Sports

Details here.

IGT Makes Submission to the Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue

The Inspector-General of Taxation has made a submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue’s ‘Inquiry into the External Scrutiny of… Read More ›

Productivity Commission Releases Issues Paper for Superannuation Competitiveness and Efficiency

The paper includes discussion of taxation treatment of superannuation as well as the objective of the superannuation system replacing or substitution the Old Age Pension.… Read More ›

European Commission Reaches Agreement by Member States for the Automatic Exchange of Information on Country-by-Country Basis of MNCs

The press release can be found here.

Draft Law Companion Guideline Released by the ATO

The Law Companion Guideline expresses the Commissioner’s view on how recently enacted law applies to a class of taxpayers, or to taxpayers generally. The Guidelines… Read More ›

The Treasury Opens Submissions on the Objective of Superannuation

The Treasury is looking for feedback on creating legislation which outlines the objective of superannuation. The primary objective stated in the discussion paper is “To… Read More ›