Why American Infrastructure Gets a “D+” and What Can be Done

President Trump is working to rebuild America’s infrastructure. At least, he is talking about it. A February 28, 2017, White House press release reiterated the… Read More ›

The Use of the Survey Instrument in a Legislative Budget Office Context

It has been previously noted that there are inherent challenges in measuring the effectiveness of Legislative Budget Offices (LBO). Although it is clear that they… Read More ›

Will Cars Go Green Under the ACT’s Reformed Vehicle Purchase Tax?

The Australian Government is reviewing its climate policies during 2017 to ensure that they, “remain effective in achieving Australia’s 2030 target and Paris Agreement commitments”.… Read More ›

Is Treasury Still Too Optimistic About Revenue?

In 1651 the philosopher Thomas Hobbes warned that a nation’s sovereign needs a reliable stream of taxation revenue. Without properly funded law and order there… Read More ›

Basic Welfare: Can We Stop Defending Labour?

A colleague recently asked me to review a collection of Australasian essays on the universal basic income (UBI). Showing the cross disciplinary interest in UBI,… Read More ›

Improving Budget Processes in the Pacific: Research from Fiji

The Oceania region includes countries with some of the best – which is to say: most transparent, most rigorous, and most accountable – budget processes… Read More ›

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