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Taxing Global Profits: A ‘Back to the Future’ Reform

Proposals for the reform of corporate income taxes are in high demand. Global firms can, if they want, avoid paying their taxes and the ‘trillion… Read More ›

Spending Cuts Versus Tax Increases: The Differential Effect of Austerity Plans on the Economy

The term austerity indicates a policy of sizeable reduction of government deficits and stabilisation of government debt, achieved by means of spending cuts or tax… Read More ›

More Carefully Designed, a Stage Three Tax Measure Could Be a Responsible and Genuine Reform

At the time of last year’s budget, I wrote a blog post[1] revealing how neither the Government’s nor the Labor Party’s then proposed tax changes… Read More ›

A Snapshot of Life in the Middle Class

Earlier this year former prime minister John Howard described Australia’s middle class as the “biggest,” proportionally speaking, in the world. Speaking at the annual dinner… Read More ›

Better Targeting of Australia’s Age Pension

The Australian retirement income system has been praised as one of the best in the world. In the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index, it was… Read More ›