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Open Budgets in the Time of COVID-19

At a time when the world is hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and governments rush to launch unprecedented fiscal measures to address the crisis and… Read More ›

Let’s Finally Reform the Tax System

Australia needs a national coronavirus taxation summit to set out a road map of reform for the tax system. A summit that can clearly and… Read More ›

Analysing New Zealand’s Digital Services Tax Proposal

New Zealanders are increasingly living a digital life. On average, New Zealanders spend nearly two hours per day on social media. Non-resident social media companies… Read More ›

Social Security and COVID-19: Exposing the Limits of Social Protection?

Suddenly losing your only source of income, when you have no savings, and with family members who rely on you, is a nightmare at any… Read More ›

The Effect of Welfare Reforms on Repartnering

Australian welfare reforms in 2006 were meant to promote work among lone mothers. But they may have had an unintentional side effect. A new study… Read More ›