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Increase in Newstart Allowance Long Overdue

Just as starfish are not fish, strawberries are not berries, and Chinese Checkers are neither Chinese nor checkers, the Newstart Allowance does not really offer… Read More ›

Welfare Entry and Exit After Marital Separation Among Australian Mothers

A key aim of the welfare system in Australia is to provide a buffer against unexpected or unpredictable events that reduce one’s income stability. Relationship… Read More ›

‘Crowding Out’ Evidence-Based Policy: The Case of Negative Gearing

Negative gearing is often cited as a tax concession that inequitably distorts rental housing markets. Yet despite concerns for housing affordability driving a wide array… Read More ›

New Figures Put It Beyond Doubt. When It Comes to Company Tax, We Are a High-Tax Country, in Part Because It Works Well for Us

In international tax circles, as in other areas, we often talk about American exceptionalism. But these days, it is becoming increasingly clear that Australia is… Read More ›

Australia, as Designed in the 1890s, Is Past Its Use-By Date

On Friday morning last week I put on the TV in Queensland to catch the final stages of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race on commercial television,… Read More ›