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What Now for Australian Labor’s Climate Change Policy? Learning From UK Climate Change Levy

After its 2019 election loss, the Australian Labor Party is considering dropping carbon pricing from its climate policy. In shaping its new policy, Labor should… Read More ›

Is Newstart Really the Pacesetter Scott Morrison Says It Is?

It’s almost a decade since the Henry Review of the tax system recommended an increase in Newstart payments, with new rules designed to help them… Read More ›

Understanding the Tax Price of Charitable Giving

Did you ever donate to a charity? Chances are that you have. Approximately one third of Australians give money to charity each year. Donating to… Read More ›

The Digital Divide and Taxpayer Rights – Cautionary Findings from the United States

Tax authorities around the world are increasingly digitising tax services. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is no exception, having committed itself to a “digital by… Read More ›

The Tax System in a Digital Age – Success Depends on Protecting Taxpayer Rights

Society is changing faster than at any time in history. Economic forecasts suggest the economy and labour markets will change at an equally rapid pace.… Read More ›