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[Budget Forum 2020] Dream Budget or Not?

The 2020-21 Federal Budget assumes the next 12 months will be a dream journey of economic healing and recovery. A number of dramatic measures and… Read More ›

[Budget Forum 2020] Will Instant Asset Write-Offs Boost Jobs?

One of the more expensive items in this most important of budgets is the instant asset write-off allowance. This measure allows businesses with an annual… Read More ›

[Budget Forum 2020] It’s Not the Size of the Budget Deficit That Counts; It’s How You Use It

In putting together his unprecedented pandemic budget, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg had two big tasks: to support the economy now, and to kick-start the next boom.… Read More ›

[Budget Forum 2020] Looking for Bold Reform? Get Rid of Payroll Taxes

Australia’s 2020-21 budget season will start today with the delivery of the Federal Budget this evening and followed by the State and Territory Budgets in… Read More ›

[Budget Forum 2020] It’s Time to Meet Key Social Policy Challenges in COVID Recovery

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of government in our country over the last several decades has been how politics has been increasingly short-term in its… Read More ›