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Australia’s Current Alcohol Tax System Impedes Public Health Policy

Would you and your mates cancel a celebration if the price of your usual drink went up while the prices of other alcoholic beverages remained… Read More ›

Innovation in the Face of the Climate Crisis: Time to Reform Australia’s R&D Tax Incentive

If there’s one thing that most governments can agree on, it’s that innovation is a good thing. As a result, the last twenty years have… Read More ›

Homeownership and Wealth: The Role of Tax and Pension Policies

Large projected fiscal burdens due to rapid population ageing are driving governments around the world to evaluate their existing economic policies. A key reform area… Read More ›

Gender-Neutral Parental Leave: Enforcing or Disrupting Gender Norms?

The widespread closure of schools and day care centers during the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the extent to which mothers still provide the bulk of… Read More ›

Getting Sugar Back? Soda Taxes Beyond Sodas

Sin taxes are taxes placed on goods deemed socially undesirable. By raising its price, the expectation is that affected individuals will consume less. Sin taxes… Read More ›