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Stamp Duty Is Holding Us Back From Moving Homes – We’ve Worked Out How Much

If just one state of Australia, New South Wales, scrapped its stamp duty on real-estate transactions, about 100,000 more Australians would move homes each year,… Read More ›

How Do Government Incentive Policies Affect the Demand for Private Health Insurance in Australia?

Around 45% of Australians have private hospital insurance, despite access to free public hospital care through Medicare. One reason so many Australians are privately insured… Read More ›

The Reformed Safeguard Mechanism and Its Income Tax Implications

Australia’s carbon markets will soon have a new asset category: the Safeguard Mechanism Credit unit (SMC). Under the reformed Safeguard Mechanism which took effect on… Read More ›

Not in Isolation: The Rationale for a Combination of Business Structures in Australia

In Australia, business structures are often discussed in isolation, as sole traders, partnerships, companies, or trusts. In practice, however, there is a tendency for advisors… Read More ›

An Easy Solution to the Worst Australian Public Policy Decision of the 21st Century

Western Australia is estimated to receive $6,482 million in GST in 2023-24, marking an increase of $254 million compared to the previous financial year of… Read More ›