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Modelling the Age Pension Taper: Reply to Andrew Podger

Professor Podger’s main criticism of my paper with Iskhakov is that the income and asset taper rates that we assume in our model are far… Read More ›

How Hard Is It for Businesses to Comply with VAT/GST Obligations Around the World?

Modernising VAT/GST systems to reduce the compliance burden for all could benefit tax administrators, businesses and society at large, suggests new research conducted by UNSW… Read More ›

Are Most People on the Newstart Unemployment Benefit for a Short or Long Time?

Since parliament has resumed three Liberal members – Dean Smith, Russell Broadbent and Andrew Wallace – have joined a group of Nationals calling for an… Read More ›

No Case for Tightening the Age Pension Means Test: A Response to Michael Keane’s Analysis

Michael Keane’s recent Austaxpolicy piece, Better Targeting of Australia’s Age Pension, based on a CEPAR working paper co-written with Fedor Iskhakov, is flawed because it… Read More ›

What Now for Australian Labor’s Climate Change Policy? Learning From UK Climate Change Levy

After its 2019 election loss, the Australian Labor Party is considering dropping carbon pricing from its climate policy. In shaping its new policy, Labor should… Read More ›