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How Generous is the British Welfare State? Part 3: Comparing Assistance for Households

The first post in this series looked at how much the UK government spends on social security and welfare, with a focus on assistance for… Read More ›

‘She’ll Be Right’: In the Land of the Fair Go, Is Privilege a Tall Poppy That Needs to Be Cut Down?

Many readers would be familiar with the concept of legal professional privilege (LPP) from the Tom Cruise-hit film The Firm, a dramatisation of the John… Read More ›

How Generous Is the British Welfare State? Part 2: The Social Division of Welfare – Taxation, the Public and Private Mix and Redistribution

The discussion in the first part of this series – like most analyses of social expenditure – is based on gross (before tax) public expenditure… Read More ›

[October Budget 2022] Improving Tax Compliance of Large Multinational Companies

The October 2022 Federal Budget announced a number of tax and compliance related measures directed at large multinational companies. These included, extending funding for the… Read More ›

[October Budget 2022] What the Budget Did Not Address – Unfair Tax Minimisation Using Discretionary Trusts

Much has been written about the Stage 3 income tax cuts and how they mainly benefit high income earners (for example, see this recent ABC… Read More ›