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[Budget Forum 2021] Don’t Shoot in the Dark: Business Support in the Australian Budget

When confronted with an ill patient, a physician prescribes a treatment that deals directly with the underlying cause of the disease and with the symptoms… Read More ›

[Budget Forum 2021] Could It Pack a Punch? Maybe, but There’s a Lot at Stake: The Reactivation of the Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle

A quiet part of the Federal Budget 2021-22, which has not received much attention in the Australian press or the broader post-Budget analysis, was the… Read More ›

[Budget Forum 2021] Australia’s Planned Patent Box: A Means of Stimulating Innovation?

In Budget 2021-22, the Australian Government announced that it would introduce a ‘patent box’ scheme for Australian medical and biotechnology industries. Under the proposed scheme,… Read More ›

[Budget Forum 2021] Looming Tax Cuts Prevent Genuine Expenditure Reform

There is good news and bad news regarding income tax in the Federal Budget 2021. The good news is that Stage 3 tax cuts have… Read More ›

[Budget Forum 2021] The Volunteer Workforce Is Key to Achieving Budget Priorities

It was not in the Treasurer’s speech on Budget night, but the nation’s volunteering activity is integral to the delivery of some of his Budget… Read More ›