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When It Comes to Sick Leave, We’re Not Much Better Prepared for Coronavirus Than the US

The problem now and going forward is making sure that sick workers stay home. That means not forcing employees to choose between penury and working… Read More ›

Tax Incentives and Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries

To what extent do taxes influence foreign direct investment (FDI) in developing countries? In most of the developing world, tax incentives are employed to attract… Read More ›

The Need for Better Scrutiny of Government Spending

There are many reasons why voters have increasingly lost trust and belief in our politicians and political processes – particularly how they seem to work… Read More ›

The Tax System Implications of Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income (UBI) and other guaranteed income schemes are shaping as the welfare policies of the future. While there is no single rationale for… Read More ›

In the Midst of an LNG Export Boom, Why Are We Getting so Little for Our Gas?

So worried is the government about the meagre income it is getting from gas during the middle of Australia’s biggest gas export boom that it… Read More ›