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An Easy Solution to the Worst Australian Public Policy Decision of the 21st Century

Western Australia is estimated to receive $6,482 million in GST in 2023-24, marking an increase of $254 million compared to the previous financial year of… Read More ›

We Need a Real Conversation About Tax Reform

After weeks of confected outrage from many parts of the media and Coalition, the Albanese government has moved on its proposed Stage 3 tax cuts… Read More ›

Western Australia’s GST Deal: The Worst Australian Public Policy Decision of the 21st Century Thus Far

The distribution of GST revenues among the states and territories is, by a wide margin, the largest single expenditure item in the federal budget. Its… Read More ›

The Poor Pay More: Why the Remote Area Allowance Needs Urgent Reform

Poverty rates are increasing in remote Australia, particularly in remote Indigenous communities which have among the highest poverty rates in the country. In 2021, Indigenous… Read More ›

Compensating and Taxing Land Regulations

Compulsory acquisition and regulating what can be done on land are distinct but conceptually similar urban planning tools. However, while both may be regarded as… Read More ›