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Basic Welfare: Can We Stop Defending Labour?

A colleague recently asked me to review a collection of Australasian essays on the universal basic income (UBI). Showing the cross disciplinary interest in UBI,… Read More ›

Improving Budget Processes in the Pacific: Research from Fiji

The Oceania region includes countries with some of the best – which is to say: most transparent, most rigorous, and most accountable – budget processes… Read More ›

“Them” and “Us”: The Enduring Power of Welfare Myths

John Hills’s acclaimed book Good Times, Bad Times: The Welfare Myth of Them and Us rests on a simple but seldom-made observation: much of the redistribution carried… Read More ›

Introducing a GP Copayment in Australia: Who Would Carry the Cost Burden?

Following the abandonment of a string of controversial copayment policy proposals (i.e., the ‘$7 copayment’ and its equally ill-fated successors), medical stakeholders have maintained strong… Read More ›

The Petroleum Resource Rent Tax 1987: The Process of Reform and Implications for Taxation of Petroleum Resources Today

During the 2017 Australasian Tax Teachers Association (ATTA) Conference in New Zealand, Emily Millane interviewed Dr Diane Kraal, Senior Lecturer in taxation law at the… Read More ›