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Budget Forum 2017: Back to Surplus?

Promising a balanced budget in the near future is starting to become a tradition in Australian politics. (I have written a similar article about this… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2017: Who Will Wear the Bank Levy?

The 2017 Commonwealth Budget proposed to introduce a levy on some deposits of the five large banks from July 1, 2017. The levy is expected… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2017: No Super Fix to Housing, or to Super

The relationship between retirement income and housing has long been acknowledged. In fact, the family home is sometimes referred to as the fourth pillar of… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2017: Changes to HECS-HELP and University Funding

Budgets are always contextual and reactions to them will be relative to both alternatives and the status quo. The natural comparison of the 2017/18 changes… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2017: Federal Budget Is Politically Pragmatic But Economically Risky

The 2017-18 federal budget delivered this week was politically pragmatic and clever (not tricky), but economically risky. It looks as though Malcolm Turnbull and his… Read More ›