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Budget Forum 2017/Women in Economics: Federal Budget Reflections

Editor’s note: This is an extract of a speech given by Danielle Wood at the Women in Economics post-Budget event, held at the National Press… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2017: ‘Black Economy’ a Timely New Focus for Tax Integrity Measures

As Australian governments respond to widespread public concerns that some taxpayers might not be paying their ‘fair share’, tax integrity measures have formed an increasingly… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2017: Welfare Changes Stigmatise Recipients and Are Sitting on Shaky Ground

Some of the budget changes on welfare appear to be about sending the message that receiving welfare is undesirable. Whether these changes actually reduce social… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2017: Back to Surplus?

Promising a balanced budget in the near future is starting to become a tradition in Australian politics. (I have written a similar article about this… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2017: Who Will Wear the Bank Levy?

The 2017 Commonwealth Budget proposed to introduce a levy on some deposits of the five large banks from July 1, 2017. The levy is expected… Read More ›