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Australia-Korea Tax and Welfare Workshop: South Korea at the Strategic Heart of Australia’s Northeast Asian Economic Interests

The geopolitical risks surrounding South Korea are now on everybody’s mind. But in the past two decades they’ve had remarkably little impact on the performance of the… Read More ›

New Approaches to Tax and Welfare in Australia and Korea

Australia and South Korea share a surprising number of things in common, in spite of their differences, and this includes challenges and new approaches to… Read More ›

The ‘Inequality Wars’: CEO Pay Is One Part of Complex Picture Post-GFC

Over the past year, there has been considerable disagreement about whether inequality has been rising or falling in Australia. There has also been debate about… Read More ›

Analyzing Rhetoric in the Budget Process: Context and Impact

It may come as little surprise to longstanding observers of the budget process that the exercise is rife with political rhetoric. Seasoned platitudes include “living… Read More ›

Business Taxation and Wages: Redistribution and Asymmetric Effects

Corporate income taxation is very popular among many voters and policy makers because alleged wealthy capital owners are supposed to bear the burden. However, firms… Read More ›