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Complexity and Inequality in Fiscal Systems: A Conversation Between Vito Tanzi, Stephen Howes, Roger Bradbury, Peter Whiteford and Miranda Stewart

This is an edited extract of a Crawford School event with Professor Vito Tanzi, former Director of the IMF Fiscal Affairs Department. The event was… Read More ›

The Welfare Effects of a Partial Tariff Reduction under Domestic Distortion in Japan

Japan is one of the world’s largest agro-food importing countries and provides significant support to its producers. According to the OECD Agricultural support (indicator), the… Read More ›

Means Testing Social Security: Income Versus Wealth

The U.S. Social Security System is a defined benefit retirement system that uses a progressive formula to calculate own benefits based on past indexed covered… Read More ›

Assessing Parliamentary Budget Offices in Subnational Jurisdictions

There is an emerging trend around the world for Parliamentary Budget Offices (PBOs) to be established at the subnational level. The Financial Accountability Office (FAO)… Read More ›

Tax Dispute Systems Design in the Context of the Australian Taxation Office’s Reinvention Program

Since 2013 the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has embarked on a transformation project, Reinventing the ATO, in which it aims to transform how it goes… Read More ›