Paths to Progress in the Open Budget Survey 2021

Date and time: 31 May 2022, 8.30-10am (United States EST)

Mode: virtual event


  • Helen Clark (INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Goodwill Ambassador for Supreme Audit Institution Independence and former Prime Minister of New Zealand)
  • Zainab Ahmed (Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning of Nigeria)
  • Romuald Wadagni (Minister of Economy and Finance of Benin)
  • Dumitru Budianschi (Minister of Finance of Moldova)
  • Aruna Roy (Founder of Mazdoor Kisan Shakthi Sangathan)
  • Anjali Garg (Head of the Open Budget Survey, International Budget Partnership)
  • Sofía Sprechmann (International Budget Partnership Board Member and Event Moderator)
  • José Manuel Vicente Dubocq (Minister of Finance of the Dominican Republic)
  • Lasha Khutsishvili (Minister of Finance of Georgia)

About the event

The Open Budget Survey 2021 comes at a time when accountable and inclusive public budgeting is more urgent than ever. Democratic backsliding and other governance challenges abound. The pandemic has exacerbated inequality and left women and marginalized communities bearing the brunt of the fallout.

Public budget processes are an important space for governments to engage meaningfully with their publics around decisions that can help communities bounce back better. Accountable public spending reinforces the role of independent pillars of government and restores public trust that government can deliver.

Despite headwinds, our latest results affirm that investing in open budgets is a winning proposition. Since 2008, transparency scores have increased 20 percent. Nevertheless, we are still far from the levels of information the public needs to provide meaningful debate on public spending. Broader accountability remains weak, and in some countries executive overreach has undermined the impact of oversight watchdogs, putting at risk vital resources that are needed for an inclusive recovery.

This year’s survey showcases bright spots where reform-minded officials and civil society have been able to drive concerted, sustained progress to toward more open and accountable public spending. These champions for reform provide a roadmap for others to follow. Our event will feature reflections from several open budget champions on their paths to progress as well as insights on how to further bolster accountability systems worldwide.

This event will be simultaneously live cast to a global audience in English, French and Spanish.

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