This year’s Journal of Australian Taxation has a special issue on the National Tax Clinic program trial.

The issue consists of individual articles from the 10 Australian universities that have established Tax Clinics as part of the National Tax Clinic Program, which was and continues to be funded by the Australian Government.

The issue is edited by Professor Michael Blissenden (University of New England).

Download Journal of Australian Taxation, volume 22, issue 2

Table of Contents

  1. 2019 National Tax Clinic Project: Curtin University – Curtin Tax Clinic, by Donovan Castelyn, Stephanie Bruce and Annette Morgan.
  2. 2019 National Tax Clinic Project: Melbourne Law School Tax Clinic, by Sunita Jogarajan, Kate Fischer-Doherty and Julian Panetta.
  3. Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in Pro Bono Tax Clinics: A Case Study Approach, by Ann Kayis-Kumar, Gordon Mackenzie and Michael Walpole.
  4. The Griffith Tax Clinic, by Brett Freudenberg, Colin Perryman, Kristin Thomas and Melissa Belle Isle.
  5. 2019 National Tax Clinic Project: The University of Tasmania Tax Clinic, by John Mclaren.
  6. 2019 National Tax Clinic Pilot Project: Western Sydney University, by Connie Vitale and Michelle Cull.
  7. 2019 National Tax Clinic Project: UniSA Tax Clinic, by Robert B Whait.
  8. 2019 National Tax Clinic Project: James Cook University Tax Clinic, by Van Le and Tina Hoyer.
  9. National Tax Clinic Program in the Northern Territory, Australia: A Project Model Innovation, by Indra Abeysekera.
  10. 2019 National Tax Clinic Project: The ANU Tax Clinic, by Ben Raines and Sonali Walpola.


On the blog

Measuring the Social Impact of University-Based Pro Bono Tax Clinics: Co-Creating a Framework for Evidence-Based Evaluation, by Ann Kayis-Kumar and Jack Noone.


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