The latest Economic Society of Australia’s National Economic Panel (NEP) poll gathers the views of the panellists on two budget strategy propositions:

Proposition 1: Slowing the growth in the debt to GDP ratio should be a priority for Australian governments.

Proposition 2: Slowing the growth in the debt to GDP ratio is a higher priority than income or corporate tax cuts.

Read the results of the poll.

Read overview of the poll results by: Danielle Wood, Budget Policy Program Director at the Grattan Institute; National Chair of the Women in Economics Network.

The Society is on the lookout for good questions to put to the National Economic Panel. You can submit your question ideas here.

The idea for this question was submitted by James Giesecke From the blog: The National and Regional Consequences of Australia’s Goods and Services Tax, by James Giesecke and Nhi Tran.


(Source: ESA news | Poll results | Panellist responses | Overview)

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