The 2021 Australian Gender Economics Workshop (AGEW), hosted by the Women in Economics Network, will be held virtually from Monday the 8th – Tuesday 9th February 2021.

AGEW invites the submission of research papers on any topic of gender economics. Papers should apply an economic framework, and gender should be a core element of the analysis. Papers should also demonstrate real world relevance and applicability to addressing issues of social or economic concern. Presenters of any gender are all equally very welcome to our workshop.

Papers on the following themes and beyond are invited:

  • COVID-19 and implications for gender equity
  • Behavioural and Experimental Insights
  • Labour and Workplace Organisation
  • Education and Human Capital
  • Household and Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Mental and Physical Health and Safety
  • Macroeconomics and Economic growth
  • Economic Development
  • Poverty, Inequality and Disadvantage
  • Housing, Superannuation and Retirement
  • Tax and Transfer Policy
  • Evaluation of policy interventions

Both applied and theoretical papers are invited. Analytical policy papers that meet high standards of methodological rigour will also be considered. Gender economics does not necessarily entail a focus only on women or only on binary classifications of gender.

Submissions are currently open and will close on Sunday 12th November 2020.

Further information here.

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