Cashless Debit Card: Where we are now and where to from here?

Date & time: Friday 19 November 2021, 2.00pm–5.15pm (AEDT)

Mode: Online via Zoom

Compulsory income management (CIM) is now in its 14th year in Australia. Starting with the Basics Card implemented under the Northern Territory Emergency Response, followed by the Cape York Welfare Reform Trial, various place-based programs and the Cashless Debit Card, the government continues attempts to make income management a permanent feature of the Australian Social Security landscape. Advocacy efforts have shone a light on the harsh impacts on compulsory income management, affecting disproportionately people on low incomes, Indigenous peoples, people with disability and single parents. Even in the face of community pushback and an extensive evidence-base that compulsory income management does not work and causes harm, the government continues to attempt to consolidate these programs. Government efforts to join people on the Basics Card and Cashless Debit Cards together are underway, as well as streamlining technologies, policies and processes.

This half day symposium hosted by the Accountable Income Management Network (AIMN), seeks to take stock of where we are now, and where to from here when considering CIM in Australia. The workshop will feature panels of people with experience of CIM, community groups and academics to discuss strategies and ideas for social security beyond CIM. We welcome people from all walks of life to this free online event.

Further information and registration here.

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