Wifag Adnan

Wifag Adnan is Assistant Professor of Economics at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). She received her B.S. at Duke University (magna cum laude with distinction) and her Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton University. She is a labor economist and her research examines the influence of major events, such as conflict, elections, and major social or economic reforms on labor market outcomes. These outcomes span labor mobility, job search, the propensity to migrate, unemployment, labor market segmentation, female labor force participation, and wage differentials for various subgroups.

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Website : https://nyuad.nyu.edu/en/academics/divisions/social-science/faculty/wifag-adnan.html

  • A Closer Look at the Employment Effects of Fiscal Policy Shocks: What Have Minorities Got to Do With It?, 16 Dec 2019