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Budget Forum 2017: Federal Budget Is Politically Pragmatic But Economically Risky

The 2017-18 federal budget delivered this week was politically pragmatic and clever (not tricky), but economically risky. It looks as though Malcolm Turnbull and his… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2017: Bank Levy – A Tax in Search of a Rationale

The Bank Levy announced by Treasurer Morrison in the May 2017 Budget, to start on 1 July 2017, is estimated to raise $1.6 billion per… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2017: A Budget That Invests in Evidence?

When we look at Federal Budgets, it is hard to not get overwhelmed by the sheer scale of some of the announcements. A few billion… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2017: The Excess Burden of Company Tax

In Budget 2017-18, the Government continues to propose its Enterprise Tax Plan, in which it argues that economic growth will be supported if we cut… Read More ›

Budget Forum 2017: The Budget Is Too Important to Be Hijacked by Clever Politics

It is imperative that the government shows real leadership – not “clever politics” – in the coming budget. To this point, there have been few areas of policy… Read More ›