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The Mongolian Millions: What Can We Learn From the Making of a Multinational Tax Avoidance Scandal?

Earlier this year, The Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (“SOMO”; a Dutch NGO) issued a report about an international mining company they said had… Read More ›

Cheap Petrol Pushed up Australia’s Road Death Toll

After years of progress in improving road safety, Australia’s annual road death toll rose in both 2015 and 2016, reaching 1,293. In a new article… Read More ›

Centrepay and Consumer Leases: Microfinance for Low-Income Australians for Essential Household Goods Needs Reform

When a household appliance such as a refrigerator or washing machine needs replacing, many of us take for granted that we will either be able… Read More ›

A Speech by the Parliamentary Budget Officer: Fiscal Transparency and the Parliamentary Budget Office

Editorial Note: This is an edited version of the keynote address by the Parliamentary Budget Officer Jenny Wilkinson at the launch of the Open Budget… Read More ›

From Dragon to Janus: Exploring Tax Policy for the Water-Energy Nexus

Society often curses the two ‘unpleasant certainties’ in life, ‘death and taxes’. We rarely praise ‘life and taxes’, whereby taxes are recognized as instruments capable… Read More ›