The worst Australian public policy decision of the 21st century thus far – the changes to the arrangements for determining the distribution of revenue from the GST among the states and territories instituted in 2019

Policy Brief 2 /2024

Author: Saul Eslake

Australia takes ‘horizontal fiscal equalization’ – the distribution of money from the federal government to the states and territories so as to allow each of them to provide roughly similar public services whilst levying roughly similar burdens of taxation – further than any other federation in the world. That’s one reason why the differences in material living standards between Australia’s richest and poorest states are much smaller than those in other federations. But the process by which this is achieved has been egregiously undermined by the changes made to the carve-up of GST revenues among the states and territories by the Morrison Government in 2019, with the support of the then Labor Opposition, and continued (indeed extended) by the Albanese Government. I regard it as possibly the worst Australian public policy decision of the 21st century thus far. But very few people understand it. This is an attempt to correct that.

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Taxation deductions available for R&D expenditure in Australia: Past and present

Policy Brief 1 /2024

Author: John H Howard

In Australia, Research and Development (R&D) tax incentives have long been regarded as a means to create new knowledge and foster innovation and economic growth. Understanding the range of tax deductions available for R&D and their connection to innovation is crucial for businesses, policymakers, and analysts alike.

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