Four new European taxes are among progressive proposals made by a group of prominent Europeans to create a fairer Europe.

The proposals are detailed in a plan published on 10 December together with the Manifesto for Democratization of Europe, which is signed by more than one hundred economists, academicians and politicians. They call for a European integration that give its citizens the opportunity to reduce inequalities and to set up genuine social, fiscal and environmental justice.

The plan is based on the creation of a Budget for democratization which would be debated and voted by a sovereign European Assembly. The budget would be fixed at 4% of European GDP and used for financing research, training and the European universities; direct investments toward sustainable forms of growth; financing the reception and integration of migrants; supporting those involved in operating the transformation; and direct transfers to contributing states.

To finance the budget, four new European taxes are proposed. These will apply to the profits of major firms, the top incomes (over 200,000 Euros per annum), the highest wealth owners (over 1 million Euros) and the carbon emissions (with a minimum price of 30 Euros per tonne).

Further information about the proposals is available on the Treaty for Democratization of Europe website.

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