Date: Monday 19 March 2018
Place: National Library of Australia, Canberra
Featuring: Keynote Address by Dr John Hewson, followed by a Panel Discussion with Dr Michael Keating & Professor Stephen Bell, facilitated by Academy President, Professor Glenn Withers.

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia presents the Special Public Forum – Fair Share: Competing Claims and Australia’s Economic Future.

Now is the time for significant economic reform if Australia is to adapt successfully to modern technological change and avoid becoming a country of winners and losers. In much of the western world, increased inequality, economic stagnation and financial instability are the consequences of technological change, globalisation and the massive increase in financial systems. Governments struggle to deal with the unrest this creates and to resolve competing claims for the spoils of growth. Australia’s egalitarian traditions and past reforms have served this country well, but the risks of weakening demand, stagnating living standards and structural unemployment are ever present and require urgent attention. Does Australia have the fiscal and political capacity to achieve a reform agenda? Can the Australian political system manage these vital changes? Will voters support them?

You are invited to hear John Hewson’s keynote address on the book Fair Share, co-authored by Michael Keating and Stephen Bell, and written to ignite debate and inspire action.

Join the authors for an audience conversation about the causes of growing income inequality and the economic reform we need to have now.

5.15pm – Drinks & Canapes served in the Main Foyer
5.45pm – Public Forum commences in the Conference Room, level 4 (with lift access)
6.45pm – Drinks & Canapes served in the Main Foyer
7.15pm – Close


FREE – Bookings essential – Please RSVP by 16 March – Sign up here.

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