Housing affordability: is the great Australian dream out of reach for today’s young?

Date & time: Tuesday 7 September 2021, 12pm to 1pm (AEST)

Despite a recession and a global pandemic, Australian house prices continue to reach new highs. How did we get here? Will today’s young Australians ever be able to afford to buy a house? What are the implications for economic and social outcomes? And what might be the policy changes that could make a difference? Our panel of expert economists will tackle one of the most pressing questions for Australia: how can we make houses more affordable? Join the discussion with Saul Eslake, Nicki Hutley, Brendan Coates (Grattan Institute), with moderator Madeleine Morris(ABC Breakfast).

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Women’s economic wellbeing in older age

Date & time: Thursday 9 September 2021, 1pm to 2pm (AEST)

Growing numbers of often single older women are facing uncertain economic futures. This seminar will explore the emerging situation and public policy responses that can reduce the number of older women experiencing poverty.  Join our panel members who will present on some of the challenges confronting older women. This online lunchtime seminar will be co-hosted by WEN and ESA – timing is AEST. Join Dr Angela Jackson, Equity Economics; Rachel Ong ViforJ; Dr Bethany Cooper, University of South Australia; and ESA SA Branch President Mark Henley, Uniting Communities.

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From Bailouts to Basic Income?

Date & time: Friday 10 September 2021, 2pm to 3pm (AEST)

COVID-19 was a shock that overwhelmed the economic and social security systems of many countries. Governments around the world were forced to implement emergency policy measures to reduce the carnage caused by the pandemic. From wage subsidies to universal childcare, flexible work arrangements, and quasi-basic incomes, these dramatic interventions changed lives. But most have been quickly wound back or axed entirely. Social scientists can draw out the lessons from these ad hoc policy experiments to chart a way towards an economic security agenda for a post-pandemic world.


Ms Maiy Azize (Deputy Director, Anglicare, Canberra)

Dr Sarath Davala (Chair, Basic Income Earth Network, India)

Dr Elise Klein OAM (Co-Director Australian Basic Income Lab & Australian National University, Canberra)


Dr Troy Henderson (Co-Director Australian Basic Income Lab & University of Sydney)

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