The journal Social Policy & Administration has a special issue on policy responses to the COVID-19 crisis. The issue is edited by Daniel Béland, Rod Hick, Amilcar Moreira, Peter Whiteford and Bea Cantillon.

Articles in the special issue include:

  1. Social policy in the face of a global pandemic: Policy responses to the COVID‐19 crisis, by Daniel Béland, Bea Cantillon, Rod Hick & Amílcar Moreira.
  2. COVID‐19, the Great Recession and social policy: Is this time different? By Amílcar Moreira & Rod Hick.
  3. Social policy responses to COVID‐19 in Canada and the United States: Explaining policy variations between two liberal welfare state regimes, by Daniel Béland, Shannon Dinan, Philip Rocco & Alex Waddan.
  4. Nordic welfare states—still standing or changed by the COVID‐19 crisis? By Bent Greve, Paula Blomquist, Bjørn Hvinden & Minna van Gerven.
  5. Common shock, different paths? Comparing social policy responses to COVID‐19 in the UK and Ireland, by Rod Hick & Mary P. Murphy.
  6. The COVID‐19 crisis and policy responses by continental European welfare states, by Bea Cantillon, Martin Seeleib‐Kaiser & Romke van der Veen.
  7. In the eye of the storm…again! Social policy responses to COVID‐19 in Southern Europe, by Amílcar Moreira, Margarita Léon, Flavia Coda Moscarola & Antonios Roumpakis.
  8. Social policy in the face of a global pandemic: Policy responses to the COVID‐19 crisis in Central and Eastern Europe, by Jolanta Aidukaite, Steven Saxonberg, Dorota Szelewa & Dorottya Szikra.
  9. Withstanding the plague: Institutional resilience of the East Asian welfare state, by Suetgiin Soon, Chelsea C. Chou, Shih‐Jiunn Shi.
  10. The next generation EU: An analysis of the dimensions of conflict behind the deal, by Caroline de la Porte & Mads Dagnis Jensen.

The special issue is available here.

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