The Royal Commissioner Catherine Holmes, who was tasked to investigate the Robodebt scheme, has delivered her report and recommendations to Governor-General David Hurley.

The report, in three volumes, is over 990 pages and includes 57 recommendations. There is also an additional sealed chapter that is not part of the bound report. It recommends referrals of individuals for civil and criminal prosecution.

In the course of its inquiries, the Commission has issued 200 Notices to Give Information and 180 Notices to Produce Documents. In response the Commonwealth produced over 958,000 documents. The Commission has held 303 hours of hearings with 115 witnesses, recording 5,050 pages of transcript. More than 10,000 exhibits have been tendered. The Commission’s video livestream of its hearings attracted 686,161 total viewers, and 1099 submissions were received.

The full report is available here.


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