Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison unveiled the third Turnbull Government Budget on Tuesday 8 May. Headline announcements included up to $530 in tax relief for millions of Australians on top of plans to target bracket creep.

In this interview, Tax and Transfer Policy Institute Director Robert Breunig gives his two cents on the budget, ranging from personal income tax cuts, the proposed removal of an entire tax bracket, and returning to budget surplus. Finally, he discusses how it might (or might not) contribute to the sweeping reform he says is needed to fix Australia’s complicated tax system.

Professor Robert Breunig is the Director of the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute at the ANU and held the role of Acting Director of the Crawford School of Public Policy in 2015–16. He has worked in a number of important public policy areas including: the relationship between child care and women’s labour supply; the effect of immigration to Australia on the labour market prospects of Australians; and the intergenerational transmission of disadvantage.

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