The Research Branch of the Australian Parliamentary Library has published its Research Paper compilation of short briefings on key Budget issues, which include an overview of the Budget, commentary on the economy and economic outlook, and analysis of specific Budget measures across all portfolios. Individual briefs are published progressively after the Budget.

For 2018-19, the Review includes analysis of different issues within the following topics:

  • The Budget as a whole
  • Education
  • Environment, science and energy
  • Economics and finance
  • Law, justice and immigration
  • Foreign affairs, defence and security
  • Health, ageing and disability
  • Indigenous affairs
  • Media and the arts
  • Public sector
  • Social services and welfare

Along with the current and previous Budget reviews, the Parliamentary Library provides quick guides on the Commonwealth Budget, Budget concepts, and the pre-Budget economic and fiscal outlooks. Video presentations and seminar notes are also available on the Budget and its strategic context.

(Source: Parliamentary Library | Read the Review)

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