Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee (Senate)

Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Amendment (Tax Transparency in Procurement and Grants) Bill 2019

The bill proposes amendments to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 to reform the Commonwealth Procurement Rules to place greater knowledge and transparency arrangements on government agencies entering into contracts with companies that are, or have related entities, domiciled in recognised tax havens. The bill would also introduce similar measures into the arrangements for the provision of grants by Commonwealth entities.

Submissions close on 3 February 2020.


Economics Legislation Committee (Senate)

Treasury Laws Amendment (Your Superannuation, Your Choice) Bill 2019 [Provisions]

The amendments ensure employees under new workplace determinations or enterprise agreements have an opportunity to choose the superannuation fund for their compulsory employer contributions.

Submissions close on 17 January 2020.


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