Date: 14-15 November 2019

Location: Angliss Conference Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Property taxes are a vital source of revenue for governments around the world, and are especially important for local governments. But they are a very ‘visible’ tax – typically a lump sum charge – and often portrayed as an excessive impost of households and business.

The demand for community services and infrastructure continues to grow, and local government’s role is expanding whilst funding pressures become more acute. How can local councils in Australia and New Zealand optimize their existing revenue base and develop additional sources of funding? Does the system of property taxes need to change? What are possible options for the future? What can we learn from recent international experience?

The International Property Tax Institute (IPTI) is pleased to present a two-day conference in Melbourne to canvass these issues. The conference will feature leading experts and practitioners from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Britain. It will also allow plenty of time for questions and discussions amongst delegates.

Registration and further information here.

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