The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has just released the latest update of social spending in OECD countries.

Key findings include:

  • Public social expenditure was just over 20% of GDP on average across in the OECD in 2018;
  • The largest spending item is public spending on pensions worth 8% of GDP on average across the OECD and over the last decade such spending has increased by 1 per cent per year.
  • At over 10% of GDP, private social spending on health insurance and pensions is highest in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States.
  • After accounting for private social expenditure and the impact of the tax system, France is the biggest social spender at about 32% of GDP; net total social spending in the United States is second highest across the OECD at 30% of GDP.

Social Expenditure Update 2019

Social Expenditure Database

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