The report can be found here.

Its key findings include:

Tax to GDP ratios

  • On average, tax revenues in Latin America and the Caribbean increased from 22.2 % in 2014 to 22.8% of GDP in 2015, a 0.6 percentage point increase. In comparison, tax revenues averaged 20.8% of GDP during the last decade.
  • Tax revenue growth was driven by taxes on goods and services, which grew by 0.5 percentage points. Personal and property taxes also increased by 0.1 percentage point. Additionally, social security contributions rose by 0.1 percentage points. These increases offset a decline of 0.2 percentage points in corporate income tax revenues.

Tax Structures

  • Taxes on income and profits as a share of total tax revenues increased between 2003 and 2014, spurred by the increase in prices of commodities in LAC countries. A small decline in the share of these taxes was observed in 2015, from 28.1% to 27.2% of total tax revenue.
  • The share of taxes on goods and services decreased from 55% of total tax revenues in 1990 to 49% in 2014. By contrast, in OECD countries, it remained stable at around 33% during the same period.


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