Since 2014, the National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW) have published the Gender Lens on the Budget to get out the details the Australian Government hasn’t taken into account about what the budget does – or doesn’t do – for women. This year, NFAW have brought together more than 30 women—credible women with recognised expertise across all portfolios – for the 2020 analysis.

For this year’s analysis, NFAW also commissioned economic modelling on the benefits of investing in the care economy (see Appendix A). Investing in the care sector increases employment in female dominated industries; improves the quality of the care that is provided and frees up women to participate in the paid economy as jobs are restored.

This year’s Gender Lens on the Budget is edited by Helen Hodgson (Curtin Law School) and Marie Coleman (NFAW Social Policy Committee). The economic modelling is provided by Janine Dixon (Centre of Public Studies, Victoria University).


Download Gender Lens on the Budget 2020-21

Download Appendix A

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