Over three research reports, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) will explore how Australia can adopt innovative new approaches to breaking the cycle of entrenched disadvantage. The first report, Disrupting disadvantage: setting the scene, is released this month.

The complex and multi-faceted nature of disadvantage results in multiple touchpoints with government services and service providers, including social security, housing, justice and child protection.

The CEDA report seeks to identify areas where disadvantage might be disrupted, and to use this as a starting point for a more systematic approach to addressing the problem.

The report recommends four ways forward to disrupt the cycle of disadvantage:

  • Mobilise data to help those at risk
  • Improve the navigation of services and supports
  • Invest in a stronger safety net
  • Evidence-based monitoring and implementation of new approaches.

Download full report: Disrupting disadvantage: setting the scene 
Download brochure: Disrupting disadvantage: setting the scene 

Media release: New CEDA report: it’s time to disrupt disadvantage


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