Progressive thinking: ten perspectives on tax is published by the New Zealand Public Service Association (PSA). It features ten leading authors, academics and campaigners writing on a broad range of topics in tax theory and policy.

According to the PSA, this book is ‘about broadening the discussion around tax during this election year, and bringing experts together to consider progressive solutions to some of New Zealand’s enduring economic issues’.

Contents of the book are as below:

Foreword by Glenn Barclay & Erin Polaczuk, PSA national secretaries

  1. Talking tax, with context and all that by Morgan Godfery
  2. History of tax policy in New Zealand by Dr Lisa Marriott
  3. What my parents taught me about tax (and fairness) by Max Rashbrooke
  4. Taxing wealth by Bill Rosenberg
  5. Four tax myths that might pop up this year by Keith Ng
  6. Tax and the Social Contract by Bob Stephens
  7. Climate change and tax policy by Paul Young
  8. New Zealand’s tax settings in an international context by Terry Baucher
  9. Tax and family assistance by Susan St John
  10. A light touch on foreign trusts and companies by Shamubeel Eaqub

The book is available for free download here.

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