The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) has published a new report from the Inquiry into pathways to housing tax reform.

Final Report No. 298: Asset portfolio retirement decisions: the role of the tax and transfer system, by Stephen Whelan, Kadir Atalay and Lachlan Dynan, University of Sydney.

The study examined how Australia’s tax and transfer system, especially in relation to the Age Pension, impacts on household retirement choices. As the population ages, fiscal challenges created when many individuals retire from working and paying tax to drawing government funded benefits and services present some stark policy choices. Understanding how retirement decisions are shaped by the tax and transfer system is essential to developing a system that allocates resources efficiently across the economy, is consistent with principles of equity and is sustainable. Any such tax system is likely to have important implications for housing choices and housing markets.

(Source: AHURI Newsletter | Read the Report)

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