The latest issue of IMF’s Finance & Development magazine, produced in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), explores the need to rethink the social contract—including how society looks after the old, the young, the infirm, and those who have fallen on hard times—to create a greater sense of security in our globalized and fast-changing economy.

Age of Insecurity: Rethinking the Social Contract

A New Social Contract
Overcoming fears of technology and globalization means rethinking the rights and obligations of citizenship
Nemat Shafik

Reimagining Social Protection
New systems are needed that do not rely on standard employment contracts
Michal Rutkowski

Hardly Anyone Is Too Poor to Share
A basic level of social protection is affordable nearly everywhere
Michael Cichon

Shifting Tides
Dramatic social changes mean the welfare state is more necessary than ever
Nicholas Barr

Seeking Balance
China strives to adapt social protection to the needs of a market economy
Ken Wills

Creating Fiscal Space
Smarter tax policies can contribute to stronger social welfare policies
David Coady

Targeting the Poor
Developing economies face special challenges in delivering social protection
Rema Hanna, Adnan Khan, and Benjamin Olken

The Case for Universal Social Protection
Everyone faces vulnerabilities during their lifetime
Isabel Ortiz

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