On 26 March 2018, the Senate referred an inquiry into the ‘Commitment to the Senate’ issued by the Business Council of Australia on 21 March 2018, and commitments to stronger wages and employment to the Senate Economics References Committee for inquiry and report by 7 May 2018.

On 24 April 2018, the Committee requested an extension of time to report to 31 May 2018.

On 31 May 2018 the Committee tabled an interim report and recommended that the Senate grant the committee an extension to report by 18 October 2018 (final report).

Recommendation 1

2.57 The committee recommends that the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan No. 2) Bill 2017 not be passed.

Recommendation 2

2.81 The committee recommends that the inquiry be extended until 18 October 2018.


(Source: Parliament of Australia | Interim Report)

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