Infrastructure Victoria’s latest report, Our home choices, has called for land tax reform in Victoria to reduce price disincentives to buying in established suburbs.

Our home choices: how more housing options can make better use of Victoria’s existing infrastructure shows more choice and housing diversity is needed to meet people’s needs as Victoria’s population grows.

The report provide ten policy options for the Victorian Government to implement now and keep pursuing over the next decade.

The policy options include:

  1. Reform infrastructure contributions to send the right price signals
  2. Reform stamp duties that distort home choices
  3. Remove home subsidies that encourage greenfield choices without improving affordability
  4. Use government ‘shared equity’ schemes to encourage established suburb home ownership
  5. Measure and incentivise progress towards new local housing targets
  6. Prioritise and streamline approvals for urban renewal precincts
  7. Develop better standards for low-rise apartments, then increase their supply by expanding use of the Residential Growth Zone
  8. Develop a dual occupancy and townhouse code
  9. Allow homebuyers more parking options
  10. Encourage child-friendly design in new apartments.

Infrastructure Victoria is an independent statutory authority established under the Infrastructure Victoria Act 2015 to provide trusted, evidence-based advice to government.

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