On Thursday 13 July 2017 at the UNSW CBD Campus at 1 O’Connell St Sydney, the School of Taxation and Business Law in the UNSW Business School is holding a “festival” designed to push the tax envelope and raise some “outrageous” tax ideas which could begin to future proof the Australian tax system.

Leaders in the tax field from a range of disciplines and interests will propose and work through new thinking on four major areas including:

  • A taxation response to housing affordability;
  • Addressing how the time shifting of income undermines income taxation design;
  • Strategies to address gender bias in the tax and transfer system; and
  • How death taxes are a way to remove an outrageous “tax haven”.

The format of each of the four sessions is designed to promote possibilities which provoke a rethinking of the way forward for taxation in Australia. Proponents and opponents on the podium will be pitched into the arena at the festival to wrestle with new ideas and wrangle with robust audience participation through panel discussion and Q&A sessions.

Further information and registration can be accessed here.

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