This month, the Economic Society of Australia asked its National Economic Panel (NEP) for their views on the following proposition. It goes to a potential core election issue as to whether Australia should follow President Trump’s suit and reduce its company tax rate if it is to continue to attract investment from abroad and at home.

Proposition: The recent US corporate tax cuts will have no impact on investments in and capital flows into Australia.

Read the results of the poll.

Read overview of the poll results by: John Hewson AM, Professor, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University and Chair of the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute.

The Society is on the lookout for good questions to put to the National Economic Panel. You can submit your question ideas here.

(Source: ESA newsletter | Poll results | Panellist responses | Overview)


From the blog:

How the Government Can Pay for Its Proposed Company Tax Cuts, by David Ingles & Miranda Stewart

TTPI Working Paper 3/2018: Australia’s company tax: options for fiscally sustainable reform, updated post Trump, by David Ingles & Miranda Stewart

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